3 Reasons Why Your Child’s ADD or ADHD Might Be a Vision Problem

Now that fall has arrived and students have a couple months of school under their belts, the time is approaching for parent-teacher conferences. While it’s always troubling when your child’s teacher raises concerns about their classroom performance, especially if it’s a sudden development, don’t automatically assume that it’s due to an attention disorder. Many people […]

Lost Your Place Again? What You Should Know About Eye Misalignment

Do you have a problem with keeping your place while reading? Do words seem to swim on the page, run together or otherwise misbehave when you’re trying to read? Reading is such an integral part of life in general (and the learning process in particular) that when reading comprehension is an issue, life is infinitely […]

Through a Patient’s Eyes: Recovering From TBI After 35 Years

A traumatic brain injury (TBI), concussion or acquired brain injury (ABI) like a stroke can all have a profound effect on your visual system. A TBI can be brought on by a severe blow to the head from a car accident, sports injury, military explosion or other trauma. Patients with TBI, ABI or concussion can […]

Why Head Tilt Could Indicate a Vision Problem

Severe neck pain can make day-to-day life very difficult. The ongoing stiffness and soreness is bad enough, but when the neck’s range of motion starts to become affected, the daily tasks you perform without thinking become much more difficult. Please feel free to share on your favorite social platform

A New Approach to the Treatment of Anxiety

Do you or someone you know suffer from generalized anxiety disorder or panic attacks? Anxiety disorders may include an extreme, irrational and often debilitating fear of crowded areas or enclosed public spaces. It is this fear that leads some people to become afraid of leaving their own homes, which of course greatly affects their quality […]