Your Child is Struggling in School – But Why?

Published on | By Claire Charlton The cause of your child’s learning difficulties may not be what you think. Two representatives from Vision Specialists of Michigan in Bloomfield Hills offer insight. When Elli Altman, the community outreach manager for Vision Specialists of Michigan in Bloomfield Hills, talks with parents whose children struggle with reading, attention or […]

How to Perform the 5-Minute Cover Test

 Many people have experienced what they believe to be sinus pain and discomfort, only to be told by the medical professionals from which they seek help that their sinuses are clear. Others experience headaches, dizziness, anxiety or problems with balance, and no underlying cause can be found. This is understandably upsetting and frustrating to […]

Through a Patient’s Eyes: ‘Now My House Is Filled With Sunlight’

Light sensitivity is a serious problem for patients who suffer from vertical heterophoria (VH). Bright lights, particularly fluorescent lights, are all around us: in grocery stores, malls, office buildings and most public places. While some people might find this bright lighting uncomfortable or irritating, many of those who suffer from VH find it intolerable. But […]