When It Hurts to Read: Children With Reading Difficulties

Does your child have difficulty reading? Does he frequently skip lines or lose his place while reading? Has she been diagnosed with learning disabilities or ADHD, or perhaps even been told by a teacher that she’s lazy? When children struggle with reading but express themselves well verbally and excel with auditory learning, reading may be […]

3 Reasons Why Your Child’s ADD or ADHD Might Be a Vision Problem

Now that fall has arrived and students have a couple months of school under their belts, the time is approaching for parent-teacher conferences. While it’s always troubling when your child’s teacher raises concerns about their classroom performance, especially if it’s a sudden development, don’t automatically assume that it’s due to an attention disorder. Many people […]

ADHD or BVD? Which Is the Cause of Your Child’s Learning Difficulties?

Vision plays a bigger role in learning than most people realize. Reading is a vital part of all aspects of learning, and when vision problems lead to reading issues and other learning difficulties, your child’s classroom performance is understandably going to suffer. Please feel free to share on your favorite social platform