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Debby Feinberg, OD | Women Who Wow

Printed in Vision Monday | “Women Who Wow” | 2016 FOUNDER NeuroVisual Medicine OWNER Vision Specialists Bloomfield Hills, Michigan CHOSEN BECAUSE… “Through her cutting edge research and patient care over the last 20 years, Dr. Debby Feinberg has developed the new optometric field of NeuroVisual Medicine.” Debby Feinberg, OD, has devoted a majority of her […]

vision misalignment signs

Through Elli’s Eyes: The Effect of Visual Chaos on the Body

  THE EFFECT OF VISUAL CHAOS ON THE BODY Two years ago, when the doctor at Vision Specialists put test frames over my eyes for the very first time and then asked me to walk down the hall, the oddest thing happened.  I could feel the effects of the glasses IN MY TOES! Last week […]

vision misalignment signs

Through Elli’s Eyes: The Book

  Community Outreach Manager Elli Altman started as a patient of Vision Specialists of Michigan. Now she teaches others how to identify a vision misalignment. Four weeks ago, in the midst of a particularly interesting conversation, a man told me that he was going to send me a book.  Now, this is a book about […]