It may be your eyes:
Through Elli’s Eyes: The Effect of Visual Chaos on the Body

Through Elli’s Eyes: The Effect of Visual Chaos on the Body

  THE EFFECT OF VISUAL CHAOS ON THE BODY Two years ago, when the doctor at Vision Specialists put test frames over my eyes for the very first time and then asked me to walk down the hall, the oddest thing happened.  I could feel the effects of the glasses IN MY TOES! Through Elli’s Eyes: The Effect of Visual Chaos on the Body Last week a couple brought in their infant child.  The baby had one very crossed eye and tightly CLENCHED FISTS.  When the doctor put the proper aligning prescription up to the baby's eyes, her fists unclenched. A man in his early sixties is wheeled into the office by his daughters.  Wasting away, he was in a WHEELCHAIR.  During his initial exam, he is given glasses that align his vision.  His nausea immediately abates.  Much to the shock and delight of his daughters, this man walks out of the office with special glasses and no need for the wheelchair. In the two years that I have worked at VSM and observed new patients during their first exam, I have seen what appears to be miracles--but they are not.  What I have observed is the effect on the body that is caused by the VISUAL CHAOS of a person's two eyes not working together. The distress on the body shows up differently in each of these people--yet, the cause is the same: eyes that do not work together (vision misalignment). If you could be helped as these patients were helped, would you spend 10 minutes to find out if your eyes work together (are aligned)? Visit and answer 25 questions. Your world might change.  

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It may be your eyes

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It may be your eyes

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