Nausea Relief

Do you often feel nauseous and experience little or no relief from standard treatments? When you are constantly nauseous it can be difficult to complete your daily routine, preventing you from living your life the way you were meant to. Our patients have been previously diagnosed with gastroparesis, cyclic vomiting, motion sickness, and the inability to gain weight / failure to thrive. If you have tried to get help by attempting countless treatments, medications, and visiting multiple doctors yet continue to be overwhelmed and looking for nausea relief, what you may actually be suffering from is Binocular Vision Dysfunction.

Binocular Vision Dysfunction & Nausea

In order for our eyes to work effectively and to see clearly, they must be perfectly aligned and be able to synchronize with each other. Binocular Vision Dysfunction is a condition where there is a subtle misalignment of the eyes which can cause double vision if left unchecked, which causes the body to overuse the eye muscles to realign the eyes. This causes a misalignment/realignment cycle which the brain interprets as “something is moving”, when in reality there is no movement. This is experienced as nausea, which is a common symptom of the conditions with which people are misdiagnosed, including:

  • Gastroparesis: A condition where food does not move smoothly through the intestines or digestive system. People suffering from gastroparesis may have problems with stomach pain, bloating, and nausea. However, when you are unable to find relief from your gastroparesis with traditional treatments, the nausea may be due to a vision misalignment. Our specialized aligning lenses break the misalignment-realignment cycle, allowing your brain to stop sensing motion, and providing you with nausea relief.
  • Motion Sickness: Motion sickness happens when one of your three balance-sensing systems is able to sense movement while the other two are not. The balance-sensing systems, which senses your position in space, include the inner ear, eyes, and the position-sensing nerves in your arms, legs, and head. The exact reason for motion sickness is not known; however, if common treatments are unable to provide you with nausea relief, Binocular Vision Dysfunction may be the cause. The misalignment/realignment cycle of the eyes is noticed by some patients as letters vibrating or shimmering. This “movement” signal from the visual system conflicts with the signal from the inner ear and position-sensing nerves, where no sensation of motion is noticed, causing your nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Our specialized aligning lenses will reduce or eliminate your motion sickness by eliminating the alignment-realignment cycle that causes feelings of movement.
  • Difficulty Gaining Weight / Failure to Thrive: As children grow they are expected to get taller and to gain weight. Some children have difficulty doing this. They don’t feel like eating, and sometimes they feel nauseous. The exact reason for this problem is not known. If vision misalignment is causing the nausea, aligning lenses will reduce or eliminate their symptoms, allowing for weight gain and growth.
  • Cyclic Vomiting: This is a syndrome where the sufferer experiences chronic and recurrent attacks of severe vomiting, abdominal pain, and nausea. For many, the cause of these episodes is unknown; however, having a subtle misalignment of your eyes can cause one to feel nauseous and dizzy which could lead to vomiting. Treatment with our specialized aligning lenses may lead to nausea relief.

At Vision Specialists of Michigan. our patients are our main priority. We are dedicated to finding the right vision prescription for you. In addition to the standard eye examination, our compassionate doctors utilize a comprehensive NeuroVisual Examination to determine the extent of your misalignment and use those results to prescribe your specialized aligning lenses. We are able to treat your Binocular Vision Dysfunction, along with any of your additional vision impairments, allowing you to see clearly, effectively, and providing you significant nausea relief.

As a sufferer from severe nausea you are prevented from enjoying your life. With constantly feeling sick to your stomach you may be missing out on work or time with your family. Complete the screening questionnaire or contact us today to determine if we can help you experience nausea relief.