Signs It May Be Time for a NeuroVisual Examination

With the extent to which technology now permeates our society, digital devices are being used more and more often at younger and younger ages. While these electronics have made our lives easier in many ways, such extensive screen use does come with drawbacks, like eye fatigue and strain from computer vision syndrome. Symptoms such as […]

Through a Patient’s Eyes: ‘We Spent Thousands on Other Treatments’

Becoming dizzy while driving, as you’re surrounded by other cars whizzing by at high speeds, can be one of the most terrifying experiences imaginable. Dizziness while driving and the resulting anxiety that accompanies it are just a couple of the common symptoms of a binocular vision disorder known as Vertical Heterophoria (VH). VH is a […]

When New Glasses Aren’t Enough to Relieve Eye Strain

While yearly eye exams are essential to ensuring eye health and acuity, sometimes a new prescription isn’t enough to take care of problems such as eye strain and dizzy sensations and blurred vision. While eye strain can be the result of activities that require a lot of focused, concentrated near tasks such as reading, writing […]

How Micro-Prism Lenses Can Up Your Game

When it comes to athletics, having good hand-eye coordination is essential to nearly every sport, particularly those involving balls: football, baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf and lacrosse. Depth perception is another important aspect of superior sports performance. If either of these abilities are compromised, a player’s game is going to suffer. One such condition that […]