How to Perform the 5-Minute Cover Test

 Many people have experienced what they believe to be sinus pain and discomfort, only to be told by the medical professionals from which they seek help that their sinuses are clear. Others experience headaches, dizziness, anxiety or problems with balance, and no underlying cause can be found. This is understandably upsetting and frustrating to […]

When It Hurts to Read: Children With Reading Difficulties

Does your child have difficulty reading? Does he frequently skip lines or lose his place while reading? Has she been diagnosed with learning disabilities or ADHD, or perhaps even been told by a teacher that she’s lazy? When children struggle with reading but express themselves well verbally and excel with auditory learning, reading may be […]

Lost Your Place Again? What You Should Know About Eye Misalignment

Do you have a problem with keeping your place while reading? Do words seem to swim on the page, run together or otherwise misbehave when you’re trying to read? Reading is such an integral part of life in general (and the learning process in particular) that when reading comprehension is an issue, life is infinitely […]