It may be your eyes:
Through a Patient’s Eyes: ‘I Never Dreamt I Could Be Headache-Free’


Through a Patient’s Eyes: ‘I Never Dreamt I Could Be Headache-Free’

While everyone has the occasional headache, there are many people who experience painful, debilitating migraines on a daily basis. Unfortunately, for some of these migraine sufferers, despite consulting multiple doctors and specialists and trying all the traditional medications and treatment methods, nothing is able to alleviate their symptoms. In cases such as these, sometimes the problem is actually originating from the eyes. Such was the experience of Cynthia, who suffered for 11½ years with daily headaches, migraines, dizziness and nausea.

Living Without Hope

“I don’t know why it started to set in. I don’t know why. I’d always had headaches, I’d always had migraines, but this one set in and would not let go,” Cynthia explains. “I remember the day vividly. I had everything going on. I felt like all I did when I went to the doctors was just whine because my head hurt. I had dizziness. Driving spatially was very difficult, walking down hallways was difficult. I never felt like I had my feet solid to the ground. I was motion-sick all the time. I mean, always nauseated, always motion-sick. Lights and sounds were horrible. It was just debilitating, but you can’t stop. You just can’t just stop living, you have to keep on going. But it was miserable, I mean miserable, every moment of every day.”

The Beginning of a New Life

“When my next-door neighbor, my nurse practitioner, found Dr. Debby, I looked at the website and I was crying; it’s like, this is exactly what I have, exactly. I always went to the eye doctor, I went every six months to the eye doctor, but not realizing that my eyes are not sitting level in my head, they’re not sitting level, they’re not seeing together. I think my eyes, they were trying really hard to see one image, but they weren’t doing it. And they couldn’t tell that from your typical eye exam. “The very first time I came to see Dr. Debby, it was very nerve-wracking for me, because I was afraid that it wasn’t going to work. But I also knew that I had to do everything I could to try to find some help. And we came in, and they took us around, and met with all the different technicians who did all the different tests to get me ready to see Dr. Debby. And then we met with her and she was so kind, so sweet, and understanding and encouraging. So we started doing the eye exam, and she did the different lenses and all her testing, and she said, ‘I want you to put these lenses on and go sit in the waiting room for about 20 or 30 minutes,’ and it was amazing. Within 20 minutes, I could feel my head relaxing. And I told my husband, ‘I feel better.’ In 20 minutes! It was absolutely miraculous. “I came to Vision Specialists at an eight in pain. Eight out of 10 on the pain scale. The first day I left, it was down to like a four. And so I wore the glasses. By the time I got home, within a week or two I was down to a zero headache, which was miraculous. I never dreamt I could be headache-free, and now I take it for granted that I’m headache-free! “I can’t say how much it has meant to me. I would do anything for Dr. Debby. She has been miraculous in my life. She’s been the greatest miracle I’ve come across, because she through her knowledge and her skill, gave me back my life.”

Let Us Help You Too

What Cynthia was experiencing was a binocular vision disorder known as Vertical Heterophoria, caused by a visual misalignment of the eyes. To find out more about this condition and the micro-prism lenses used to treat it, give Vision Specialists of Michigan a call at (248) 504-2900.

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It may be your eyes

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