It may be your eyes:
A Veteran’s Story of Triumph over TBI


A Veteran’s Story of Triumph over TBI

A Veteran's Story of Triumph over TBI

To honor all those who serve and have served on this Veterans Day

A Veteran's Story of Triumph over TBI "When I returned from deployment I had light sensitivity and I would get nauseous from riding in cars and trains. I had to work from home a few days a week because I would get so sick on my commute to the office. I was irritable and my wife noticed. I received treatment over several years for TBI and PCS, as well as vision and auditory processing disorders from top medical facilities in the country. They told me you are 'basically as good as you're going to get.' I'm thrilled that I found this place and was able to improve--light sensitivity and nausea were gone instantly. It's uplifting...I just feel better. Even though I have read about this and have heard others' stories, I'm just amazed that glasses alone can do so much. Thank you, Vision Specialists of Michigan." - Chris

Do you have an active or veteran service member in your life that suffers from TBI or Post Concussive Symptoms (PCS)? Share this video with them. There is hope and help for them.

On behalf of our entire staff at Vision Specialists of Michigan, we thank all of the Veterans for their service. ‪

Headaches? Dizziness? Nausea? Reading Challenges? ADHD? It could be your eyes. Find out now:

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It may be your eyes

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