It may be your eyes:
The Link Between ADHD and Vertical Heterophoria

The Link Between ADHD and Vertical Heterophoria

There is mounting clinical evidence supporting the connection between ADHD and Vertical Heterophoria, where the use of microprism lenses can provide significant relief for patients diagnosed with ADHD. In this webinar, René Brooks & Dr. Debby Feinberg discuss the connection between ADHD and Vertical Heterophoria, “The ADHD Related Eye Condition You’ve Likely Never Heard Of.” René shares her personal journey with ADHD and severe neck pain, and how she found relief from her symptoms with a NeuroVisual Examination and microprism lenses. Dr. Debby discusses how Vertical Heterophoria (VH) might impact you or someone you know with ADHD, and new research on how sound impacts the symptoms of BVD and ADHD.

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More about the Speakers:

René Brooks

René Brooks is an ADHD activist, speaker, writer, and coach who has leveraged her late-life diagnosis to uplift others. She is the founder of Black Girl, Lost Keys, a blog that empowers adults with ADHD and shows them how to live well with the disorder. She also has been diagnosed with Vertical Heterophoria and brings a unique perspective to the table about how these two conditions impact her life, and how VH treatment has impacted her symptoms.Visit René’s blog to learn more

Dr. Debby Feinberg

Dr. Debby Feinberg is a clinician and researcher who has seen over 15,000 patients with Vertical Heterophoria and Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD). She is pioneering the field of NeuroVisual Medicine to advance the diagnosis and treatment of widespread but infrequently diagnosed eye misalignment in the general population with the use of microprism lenses. Symptoms of BVD include headaches, ADHD, dizziness, neck pain, anxiety, motion & car sickness, difficulty with learning and reading comprehension, imbalance with walking, and light sensitivity.Learn more about Dr. Debby and the Origin of NeuroVisual Medicine

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It may be your eyes

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