Gait & Balance Disturbance and Clumsiness Relief

Are you clumsy and uncoordinated, often bumping into walls, furniture, or even the person walking next to you? Are you uncoordinated and have trouble catching or hitting a ball? Many of our patients with extreme clumsiness complain of knocking things over (like glasses and cups), having trouble with balance and unsteady walking, leading to difficulties with daily tasks and activities. Our patients have been previously diagnosed with poor depth perception, balance issues, and have been told they are just clumsy or are uncoordinated. When you have attempted countless treatments, seen multiple doctors and are still overwhelmed and looking for clumsiness relief, you may actually be suffering from Binocular Vision Dysfunction.

Binocular Vision Dysfunction & Gait and Balance Disturbances and Clumsiness

Binocular Vision Dysfunction is caused when your eyes are misaligned, causing your eye muscles to overwork and strain to correct this vision impairment and prevent double vision. Even a small amount of vision misalignment can cause gait/balance disturbance and clumsiness symptoms, which have often been diagnosed as the following:

  • Balance Issues: Having difficulty walking in a straight line, feeling unsteady or unstable while walking, or constantly bumping into the person you are walking next to is commonly associated with balance issues. However, when you suffer from a vision misalignment, it impacts your entire body’s alignment, which could be causing your inability to balance effectively. This can be treated with aligning lenses, which will bring your vision and your body into alignment, giving you balance and clumsiness relief.
  • Depth Perception Issues: With Binocular Vision Dysfunction, many of our patients struggle with depth perception. Depth perception is the way that the brain sees the size and distance of an object. When your eyes are misaligned they struggle to work together to see an image, often resulting in blurred or possibly double vision. This prevents accurate judgement of the size and distance of the object you are viewing, leading to difficulty catching and hitting balls and to knocking over glasses and cups (by misjudging the distance to the glass or cup) or bumping into door frames or furniture. By treating the vision misalignment with our specialized aligning lenses, the object is brought into focus, giving you depth perception.

At Vision Specialists of Michigan, to determine the extent of your vision misalignment, our compassionate doctors will complete a thorough NeuroVisual Examination. With the results of your exam we will be able to determine the correct specialized aligning lenses for you. Unlike a standard eyeglass prescription, our lenses allow your eyes to work together by treating your Binocular Vision Dysfunction along with any additional vision impairments. For many of our Binocular Vision Dysfunction patients who are uncoordinated, having the correct aligning lenses gives them depth perception for the first time, providing them with gait/balance and clumsiness relief.

Suffering from severe gait/balance disturbances and clumsiness can prevent you from enjoying your life, causing you to have difficulties participating in activities, sports, and driving. Complete the screening questionnaire or contact us today to determine if we can help you experience clumsiness relief.