Binocular Vision Dysfunction Symptoms

Yes, It Could Be Your Eyes

At Vision Specialists of Michigan, we understand the agony of dealing with chronic, unresolved symptoms such as headaches and dizziness. It is stressful and overwhelming to constantly seek the expertise of new doctors, treatments and medications – only to continue to struggle with the same persistent issues. When the standard treatments and tests are unable to bring you relief, you may have Binocular Vision Dysfunction.

Binocular Vision Dysfunction is a condition where your eyes have difficulty working together as a team due to a subtle error in vision alignment. This can cause blurred, shadowed, distorted or possibly double vision. To avoid these symptoms, the body corrects the error by straining and overusing the eye muscles to realign the eyes. This creates a back-and-forth cycle of misalignment/realignment. This constant effort causes many of the Binocular Vision Dysfunction symptoms you may struggle with on a daily basis.

Have You Been Diagnosed With Any of These Conditions?

Because many common conditions and ailments present similarly to Binocular Vision Dysfunction, many of our patients have been previously diagnosed with the following:

Vision misalignment can significantly impact your daily life. You may have difficulties with reading, driving, work tasks and/or activities that you once enjoyed. Our experienced doctors will administer a comprehensive NeuroVisual Examination to determine if you have vision misalignment causing your Binocular Vision Dysfunction symptoms.

The results of your examination will be used to determine the prescription for specialized lenses that will realign your vision. The stress and exhaustion that your eye muscles have been experiencing will be reduced or eliminated, bringing you relief from your symptoms of Binocular Vision Dysfunction.

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