Our Patients’ Stories

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Paul, 54 years old

“I am no longer dizzy. I get no more spinning spells. I feel normal.”

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Sam, 45 years old

A year and a half later, I have been migraine and medicine free.

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Neck Ache / Head TiltNeck Ache / Head Tilt

Gail, 59 years old

After adjusting my neck for years, my chiropractor was amazed.

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Michael, 31 years old

It was as if I was living a life in darkness before having my new lenses.

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Motion Sickness/NauseaMotion Sickness

Janet, 64 years old

I can now read maps with no ill effects (sickness) what so ever.

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Reading DifficultiesReading Difficulties

Cindy, 13 year old

I can get homework done in class, because now I can concentrate.

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Double VisionDouble Vision

James, 59 years old

“Corrected double vision helped my husband recover from a stroke.”

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Balance ProblemsBalance Problems

Donald, 73 years old

“After some test, I could see differences immediately.”

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Traumatic Brain InjuryTraumatic Brain Injury

Richard, 33 years old

“I can’t believe how much glasses have helped my quality of life.”

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