Through a Patient’s Eyes: ‘Now My House Is Filled With Sunlight’

Light sensitivity is a serious problem for patients who suffer from vertical heterophoria (VH). Bright lights, particularly fluorescent lights, are all around us: in grocery stores, malls, office buildings and most public places. While some people might find this bright lighting uncomfortable or irritating, many of those who suffer from VH find it intolerable. But what exactly is the connection between vertical heterophoria and light sensitivity?

What Causes Vertical Heterophoria?

The eyes are just one part of a complex system that enables us to see the world around us clearly. Each component of the visual system must work together seamlessly in order for it to operate correctly, and that includes the vertical alignment of the eyes. When something interferes with this alignment (like a concussion or having one eye slightly above the other), it becomes hard work to keep the eyes in the correct position, and eventually the eye muscles become tired and overworked. It is at this point that unpleasant physical symptoms begin to appear, such as headaches and migraines, dizziness and nausea, anxiety and light sensitivity – all of which were experienced until recently by Cathy, one of Dr. Jennifer’s patients.

Finding Vision Specialists of Michigan

“I’ve had headaches all of my life. I ate Tylenol constantly. Eventually I had migraines with

seizures and became bedridden. For two years, I could not drive, or even walk unaided. Meanwhile, my sister suffered from dizziness and began to search the internet for relief. She found her way to Vision Specialists, was prescribed realigning glasses, and the dizziness went away. Encouraged by this amazing result for my sister, I, too, went to Vision Specialists. Now that I wear my new glasses that Dr. Jennifer prescribed, I am well enough to walk on my own. The dizziness, anxiety, nausea, migraines, neck and back pain are all gone.

“And light sensitivity? For years, my house was kept like a dungeon because any light was painful. Now my house is filled with sunlight. It’s a beautiful thing.” – Cathy

Innovative Treatment Methods

At Vision Specialists of Michigan, our approach to treating VH is simple and straightforward. After a comprehensive NeuroVisual Examination to confirm that the patient has VH, our doctors will prescribe specialized aligning micro-prism lenses that, in most cases, will greatly reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of VH, including migraines and sensitivity to light.If you too are searching for relief from what could be symptoms of VH, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (248) 504-2900 or complete our online BVD questionnaire. We can help you get your life back.

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