Daily Headaches: Through Elli’s Eyes

Through Elli’s Eyes: 2,555

VSM Community Outreach Manager Elli Altman shares her own experiences with a vision misalignment and her treatment here at Vision Specialists


That is the number of headaches I had in the seven years prior to my first visit to Vision Specialists of Michigan (VSM).  2,555 mornings when I awoke to the pain in my head.  Sometimes, it was the pain that woke me up.

And I thought I knew the cause……  I told myself (and anyone who would listen) that it must be from that second glass of red wine I’d had the night before.  If I didn’t have wine, I figured it must have been my sinuses (although I had no history of sinus problems).

Wake up.  Pop a couple pain relievers.  Drink a couple mugs of coffee.  Start the day.

And then – on February 22, 2014 – everything changed.  This is the date that I had my first exam at VSM, was fit with lenses that aligned my eyes and had normal vision for the first time in my 61 years. Soon after, I picked up my glasses and started a new and hopeful life.

And, now I have a new number.  Today – June 29, 2016 – my new number is 880.

880 is the number of days I have woken up WITHOUT a headache.

880 mornings that started WITHOUT pain relievers.

880 days filled with more potential.

880 mornings that I give thanks that my journey led me to VSM (thank you, Andi xoxo)

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