Are Regular Eye Exams Necessary?

No matter your age, regular eye exams are a must. Doing so may help safeguard your eyes and maintain your visual health and comfort for a longer time. Vision Specialists of Michigan, your trusted eye care optical center, talks about the importance of routine eye exams.

Eye Exams

Identify Potential Vision Problems

A comprehensive eye exam is not complete without conducting a patient consultation. This mainly involves asking about your history, which may include previous illnesses, medications, or procedures you’ve had. We may also ask about eye conditions that run in your family, since heredity is a major risk factor for most vision problems.

Binocular vision dysfunction (BVD), in particular, is often an inherited condition. If you have any family who have vertical heterophoria or other forms of BVD, this may increase your risk of having BVD symptoms later on too. Knowing this can guide us when creating the most appropriate eye care plan to manage your vision problem and keep your eyesight healthy.

Create Better Opportunities to Treat Detected Vision Problems

Regular eye exams lead to early diagnosis of underlying vision problems. This gives us the best opportunity to render prompt and proper management. This is important, as many eye conditions are highly treatable during their initial stages.

Upon confirming BVD, for example, we can already explain and provide our recommended BVD correction for children or adults. We may incorporate prism lenses in your eyeglasses for your better viewing ease. They help bend light rays in such a way that the translated image compensates for your eye misalignment.

They Promise Enhanced Quality of Life

By having your eyes checked regularly, you’ll have great eyesight for a long time, maintaining your quality of life. You don’t have to worry about poor vision holding you back from learning new things or performing your work efficiently. With clear and sharp visual acuity, you can enjoy your hobbies safely and hassle-free. Immediate management of pre-existing vision problems also means preventing them from progressing into more serious conditions that may require complex and costly procedures.

For your improved visual health and quality of life, call us today at (248) 504-2900 and schedule an eye exam for you and your family. We serve Detroit, MI and nearby communities.

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