It may be your eyes:
COVID-19 Health and Safety

Your Safety is our Priority

At every step of your visit to Vision Specialists of Michigan, you can be sure that we’ve raised the standard by putting measures in place to help keep you safe and give you more peace of mind:

Sanitizer & Surgical Mask

Upon entering our office, you’ll be asked to sanitize your hands and will be given a surgical mask for your use.

Temperature and COVID Screening

Each patient is screened for COVID symptoms before seeing our doctors.

Deep Cleaning Before Your Exam

Each screening room, exam room and all equipment is sanitized between every patient.

Safety Dividers

We’ve built new Plexiglass dividers throughout our office to limit your exposure to our staff

Masks and Safety for our Staff

Our staff are screened daily for COVID Symptoms, with their temperature taken upon entering the office, and wear masks at all times.

Giving you More Space

We’ve decreased the number of patients in the office to give you more space for safety and comfort.

Quicker Service

We’ve reworked our schedule and services to get you in and out of our office faster than ever.

Please watch our new COVID office tour to see up close what we’ve done to make your visit as safe as possible.

Notice: If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please call our office at 248-258-9000 to reschedule your appointment

We look forward to taking care of your eyes and keeping you safe in the process.

To your future health,

– Vision Specialists of Michigan Team

What our patients say

After trying my new prescription in the test frame, I could see differences immediately.

3 minutes ago

- Donald -

What our patients say

I was about to be put into a special education class because I was having so many learning problems. That was ten years ago. These lenses changed everything, really! The headaches disappeared. Reading was so much easier and I could figure out my homework.

3 minutes ago

- Kali -

What our patients say

I’m not tired when I read now. School is not as hard, and I have more fun. My glasses make everything better.

3 minutes ago

- justin -

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Watch the Latest Video Testimonials

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It may be your eyes

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