Daily Stomach Ache, Headache, Nausea: Christine’s Binocular Vision Dysfunction Story

Ever since she was a child, Christine suffered from stomach aches, headaches, and nausea on a daily basis. She saw numerous doctors and sometimes faced disbelief before she found help. Since seeing a NeuroVisual Medicine Specialist at Vision Specialists and receiving her glasses with aligning micro-prism lenses, her life has changed for the better. Listen […]

Vision Specialists of Michigan, Maddie's Story

Maddie R’s Story

VSofM can help children with headaches, migraines and learning challenges Imagine headaches – migraines – so debilitating that you can’t make it to school. These migraines last for days. No more than they finally dissipate, they are back again. This was the reality for Maddie, until she found her way to Vision Specialists. Listen to […]