Beyond the Bruise: Recognizing Post-Concussive Syndrome

While sustaining a concussion can entail losing consciousness, it affects your body – and your brain – in many other ways. One way is visual – it can affect how the brain recognizes and interprets visual signals. When your brain is not interpreting visual cues correctly, your sight is negatively affected. This, in turn, interferes […]

The Relationship Between Brain Injury & Vertical Heterophoria

With school back in session and practices for fall sports beginning, now is a good time to discuss concussions. A concussion, which is a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), occurs as a result of whiplash or the head sustaining a violent blow, both of which can occur during contact sports like football, hockey, lacrosse and […]

Concussion Treatment Detroit MI

TBI and PCS Blogs and Websites

We’ve put together a list of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Concussive Symptom (PCS) blogs to reassure you you’re not alone with your symptoms, treatment, and progress. If you have a blog you’d like included, please send us a message or comment below. // “While it covers topics that are painful, challenging, and frustrating, […]

TBI Tips from a TBI Survivor

Tips from a TBI Survivor Some days it feels like my traumatic brain injury has won. Like I was transferred into someone else’s body with a completely different outlook and even a different personality. Luckily a good support team and a few hard-learned tips help me move forward (and laterally at times) on this crazy […]