vision misalignment signs

Baby’s Crossed Eyes: Vision Misalignment Found at 8 Months

A baby’s crossed eyes reveal just how young a vision misalignment can affect the body Two years ago I became a patient at VSM.  At the age of 61, I was given normal vision for the very first time.  Life changing.  And, at the moment when the special lenses were put in front of my […]

vision misalignment signs

Dyslexia, Anxiety Treated with Aligning Glasses: Through Elli’s Eyes

Elli Altman, Community Outreach Manager at Vision Specialists of Michigan, shares her experiences of patient’s treatments. One little girl was diagnosed with dyslexia and anxiety. She struggled in school, understandably, until a psychologist recognized her symptoms as a subtle vision misalignment. A precious seven-year-old girl came in for an evaluation.  With the sweetest disposition, she […]

vision misalignment signs

Maybe the Most Important Way to Get Ready for School: Through Elli’s Eyes

Through Elli’s Eyes Elli Altman is our Community Outreach Manager. She teaches others how to identify a vision misalignment and how it can be treated to relieve or eliminate symptoms. MAYBE THE MOST IMPORTANT WAY TO GET READY FOR SCHOOL… New shoes.  New backpack.  School supplies.  Clothes in the next size because they grew so […]

Vision Misalignment

Schools’ Vision Screening Won’t Show Vision Misalignment

Parents must pay attention to children’s attitude toward reading When a child undergoes the vision screening process at school, s/he is primarily being tested for how well s/he sees at a distance. While it’s important to know whether or not your child can see the blackboard, it’s not the only test on which you (as […]