Could It Be Your Eyes? Recognizing Vertical Heterophoria

While migraines often start at puberty, even children as young as five or six years old can experience them. Many people who have suffered migraines from an early age have been taking medication for years. For others, medication doesn’t always help, and the effects of their migraines extend into their daily life. Despite attempts to […]

Driving, Dizziness & Vertical Heterophoria: When Driving Is Scary

Dizziness, lightheadedness, balance problems, anxiety, migraines – if these are symptoms you’re all-too-familiar with, you may suffer from a condition known as vertical heterophoria (VH), a binocular vision dysfunction caused by a misalignment of the eyes. This misalignment results in your vision being skewed slightly, with the image in one eye appearing slightly higher than […]

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Through Elli’s Eyes: Don’t Do It For Yourself

DON’T DO IT FOR YOURSELF Elli Altman is the Community Outreach Manager at Vision Specialists of Michigan. Before Elli was the outreach manager, she was a patient. Now she chronicles her journey and those of the patients she meets. This week a mother and teenage son came to Vision Specialists. They had back-to-back appointments.  Although […]

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Can You Have Double Vision And Not Know It?

Seems impossible, I know.  But, it happens all the time.  A new patient comes in, gets comfy in the exam chair.  The doctor begins asking questions to get a history.  Then comes the question, “Do you ever have double vision?”  And the answer?  “No.  Never.” And then the testing begins.  The patient is given a […]

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Why Your Dizziness and Vertigo Won’t Leave You Alone

Why Your Dizziness and Vertigo Won’t Leave You Alone Dizzy spells. For some of us, it may happen after a trip on a whirling carnival ride. A sense of unbalance coupled with nausea. We promise ourselves not to try any more carnival rides (at least for the rest of the year). In an hour or […]