Dizzy Spells, Motion Sickness, Nausea, and Difficulty with Walking, Balance and Coordination: Why It Could Be Caused by Your Eyes

“I get dizzy all the time.”  “I get car sick a lot–particularly as a passenger.” “I cannot go on the spinning rides at the fair.” “I am frequently nauseated.” “I’m unsteady when I walk–I stumble a lot and sometimes I fall.” “I’m so clumsy—I can’t even walk in a straight line. I sometimes bump into […]

Vision Specialists of Michigan, Patient Stories

Dizziness Symptoms Disappear in Several Situations

I had been experiencing dizziness when reading in certain situations, while sitting in traffic with moving vehicles on either side, and on take off and sometimes landing on airplanes. Now that I have received my new glasses I can now read with both eyes at the same time. I did not need Dramamine on the […]

Vision Specialists of Michigan, Patient Stories

Finally! A Diagnosis After 18 Months

Numerous doctors, numerous tests, beginning in March 2003. Not one single doctor could give me the correct diagnosis. I was told I had Migraine Headaches, Meniere’s Disease, possibly MS or ALS. Doctors said “It is all in your head (my favorite), it is your medications, you have to decide if you want to live with […]

Vision Specialists of Michigan, Patient Stories

My Eyes were the cause of my Vertigo

I had been bedridden for five weeks before seeing Dr. Debby. I had a myriad of tests at an Ears, Nose, and Throat doctor’s office and an x-ray of my brain with no answers for my vertigo. After fitting numerous test lenses on my eyes, I was able to walk down the hallway in Vision […]

Vision Specialists of Michigan, Patient Stories

My life changed after reading the Detroit Free Press Article

It is difficult to find all of the right words to describe how my life changed after reading your article in the Detroit Free Press last August 2005. After reading the article I knew I had to make an appointment. Prior to seeing Dr. Debby for my exam, I had suffered severe vertigo symptoms for […]