It may be your eyes:
Neck Ache and Head Tilt: signs of a subtle vision misalignment

Neck Ache and Head Tilt: signs of a subtle vision misalignment

Neck ache and head tilt: signs of a subtle vision misalignment Just about everyone has experienced a sore neck at one time or another. More often than not it’s because we slept too long in a position that our neck muscles didn’t appreciate. For others it may be the after effect of an accident like a car collision or a jerky amusement park ride. But if you’re one of those whose neck ache doesn’t resolve and feels achy constantly, it may be a result of a subtle vision misalignment. When the eyes don’t align correctly, the brain has to work the eye muscles extra hard to regain proper alignment. The price for this extra eye muscle work, though, is a big pain. Literally. Some people suffer from headaches. Others, light sensitivity. Still others, dizziness or nausea. Sometimes all of those. And according to the Vision Specialists Institute, at least 10% of our country’s population has a vision misalignment. That’s more than 32 million people! Another common symptom and tell-tale sign of a subtle vision misalignment? You guessed it: neck aches. If you find yourself rubbing your neck as you’re working at your computer or after driving, or really any time you try to focus on a task, it could be because your eyes aren’t working seamlessly as a team. They’re struggling to align the images which means your body may be compensating by tilting your head ever-so-slightly so the images do align. Take out your driver’s license or flip through some photos of yourself. Do you see a pattern of a head tilt, even slight, in the photos? This is one of the biggest tell-tales of a subtle vision misalignment. Your body is trying to align your eyes but in the process it causes a different problem: sore necks and other symptoms. So, tell us: how does that driver’s license photo look? If you aren’t sure, tell a friend or family member to keep an eye on your head position for a few days and to let you know if they spot your head tilting to one side when talking or working. Not everyone who has a subtle vision misalignment will tilt their head noticeably, but it’s usually a good indicator that their vision should be looked at by a NeuroVisual Specialist. Visit to find out if your head tilt, neck ache, headache, or other symptoms could be caused by a vision misalignment.

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It may be your eyes

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It may be your eyes

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