It may be your eyes:
When You Can’t Get Off The Carnival Ride

When You Can’t Get Off The Carnival Ride

When you can't get off the carnival ride...

Summertime is here. It’s a time for fun. Children and families flock to carnivals and amusement parks. Ferris Wheels – Roller Coasters – Tilt-a-Whirls and more. So much fun! But, what if that sense of twirling and spinning is an everyday reality? How difficult would life be if it always felt as if you were on a carnival ride? For many people who have eyes that do not work as a team, their world is an uncertain and sometimes scary place. They describe what they see as ‘swooshing’ – ‘swaying’ – ‘swimming’ in front of them. Things that are ‘still’ appear to bounce or jump. This unwanted carnival ride appears when a person’s eyes are not perfectly aligned – something that is rarely obvious to others. How do you make this stop? At Vision Specialists of Michigan, the doctors fit patients with glasses that align their vision. With these special glasses, the only carnival ride will be the one you buy a ticket to ride. If you know of someone who is on this never ending carnival ride, have them take the questionnaire at Read Elli's "House Call" Read Elli's "Don't Do it for Yourself" Read Elli's "Can You Have Double Vision and Not Know It?" 

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It may be your eyes

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It may be your eyes

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