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Closed Head Injury Patient Receives Help from Vision Specialists


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Closed Head Injury Patient Receives Help from Vision Specialists

I caused myself many problems at the age of 19. I am now 32. I was introduced to Vision Specialists almost 2 years ago. A woman I called Dr. Debby put me through a number of tests and had a lot of questions for me. She made me wear funny looking frames and had me walk around in them too. I was very skeptical that anyone could resolve the pressure I felt in my head as well as in my neck and back. I survived a car accident in which I fractured my neck and received a closed head injury. I also damaged my brain to the point where I have lost the left peripheral vision in my eyes. Going to Vision Specialists of Birmingham, I had a lot of doubt that I was going to receive any kind of sympathy or help. These people (the staff as well as the doctors) have been the most helpful people to me. Dr. Debby has prescribed me a set of glasses that has completely released me from a whole lot of tension. I worry much less today because I can clearly see around me. Everything is in perspective today. I love it. My first pair of glasses have given me the opportunity to finally relax. They have given me a new freedom. I waited to write anything because I couldn't believe it myself. I gave it a year, unknowingly. They called me and said, "Hi, it has been about a year since we've seen you. How about an appointment to come in so we can see how things look". Wouldn't you know it. I needed new glasses for work and to change my frames too. So I said. "Sure". And lo and behold, I get an appointment with Dr. Paul. How awesome this is. I've never met this gentleman and he was as kind and nice as everyone else. So willing to be helpful. This company has done me wonders. I am absolutely amazed. I look forward to my eye doctor appointments. All they are able to do is continue to make me feel even better than I already do. This is one of the greatest gifts that I have received. The ability to see clearly. No more pressure, no more woes and fears of what I am looking at. No more squinting. I love it.

- R. N., 32 year old

Author:   Vision Specialists of Michigan

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