Through a Patient’s Eyes: ‘I Got My Life Back That Day’

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a common occurrence that can result from a sharp, severe blow to the head. TBIs are most often caused by vehicular accidents and sports injuries, and can have a far-reaching effect on one’s vision. Those who have experienced a TBI can display a variety of symptoms, ranging from headaches […]

The Link Between Sinus Headaches, Eye Pain & Computer Use

A headache is a common malady that can be brought on by a variety of different factors, such as stress, anxiety, noise, hunger and poor sleep. In recent years, there has been an alarming increase in the number of teenagers and young adults who suffer from headaches on an almost-daily basis. This is no surprise […]

When Clumsiness Is More Than It Seems

If clumsiness has plagued you throughout your life and you often find yourself tripping over things, knocking into doorways and bumping into walls, or having trouble playing sports, you may have a condition known as Vertical Heterophoria (VH). If your clumsiness has reached the point that you’ve started to experience anxiety and stress, not knowing […]