Vision Specialists demonstration of head tilt to overcome BVD

Neck Ache and Head Tilt: signs of a subtle vision misalignment

Neck ache and head tilt: signs of a subtle vision misalignment Just about everyone has experienced a sore neck at one time or another. More often than not it’s because we slept too long in a position that our neck muscles didn’t appreciate. For others it may be the after effect of an accident like […]

vision misalignment signs

Dyslexia, Anxiety Treated with Aligning Glasses: Through Elli’s Eyes

Elli Altman, Community Outreach Manager at Vision Specialists of Michigan, shares her experiences of patient’s treatments. One little girl was diagnosed with dyslexia and anxiety. She struggled in school, understandably, until a psychologist recognized her symptoms as a subtle vision misalignment. A precious seven-year-old girl came in for an evaluation.  With the sweetest disposition, she […]